closer look Yokomo D-Max Special
Yokomo's new drift chassis is prepared for counter steer. The big steering angle and the central slipper clutch make counter steering available out of the box.

RaD Japan

Small black box with nice content. Like always from Yokomo. 10-Mesh Wheels (TW-1313N) with ZR-DR02 Drift Tires are included.

The carbon chassis plate is 2.5mm thick. On the upper side are recesses for batteries, motor and slipper gear. The motor carrier fits perfect into the milling groove. The inner suspension mounts, steering posts and battery trays are already on the plate.
The steering arms are made of carbon reinforced plastic. Ball bearings make them move smooth and precisely. You might want to use some shims to reduce vertical play, but it is not really necessary. The screws on top of the steering posts just keep the whole thing in place until the upper deck is put on.
The carrier for the slipper gear is in it's place. Do not tighten the screws from bottom yet. The part might twist and you will have problems to align the upper cover later.
On the front a ball diff is used. On the rear a solid axle. A second solid axle (without ring gear) is included. The diff is already assembled. The kit contains no diff grease. Steel rings keep the outdrives from splitting.

The gear boxes are familiar to Drift Package users. The boxes snap into holes in the chassis plate.

The slipper pads are already inserted into the 48dp 74T slipper gear. Check if they fit perfectly. Fit is very tight. The pads are not made of the same material like ones from the offroader B-Max. These pads need grease. Apply a thin layer on the slipper plates. The grease is in the white box. You might first think that the box contains diff grease.
Some black grease (included) should be applied on the area where the slipper plate slides on the front outdrive (the one where the spring is attached to). On the tip of the long screw Loctite should be applied.
The two side covers and top cover are in their place. Check if everything fits fine. After the top screws are tightened, you can tighten the two loose screws on the bottom (the ones for the slipper carrier).
The two upper decks are mounted. They are made of 2mm carbon.

The motor carrier is mounted. A plastic cap keeps dirt from the gears. Through a small hole gear clearance can be adjusted. The hole is closed by a snap-in cover.

The damper stays are very beefy: 3.5mm carbon. The rear one has five holes for upper damper mount. The holes are not connected to each other. There are six holes for the camber rod.
The front has six holes for the damper and five for the camber rod.
The shape with almost straight upper line loks very good.

The front C-hub is the same like in the Drift Package. The knuckle has a new design for increases steering angle.
Note that the black kingpin is mounted from the top and the silver one from the bottom.
The kit contains four universal drive shafts. They are not the same length. The ones with shorter axles are used on the front.
The front offers three positions for outer camber rod mount and the rear four positions. The turnbuckles for camber and steering are made of titan.

The lower suspensions arms are same like on the Drift Package (SD-008H).

Also nothing new on the dampers. They work smooth and precisely. The springs are the same like the standard springs which come with the Drift Master (medium-soft). All four springs have the same hardness. Damper oil is included in the kit (#250).

The dampers on the chassis. On the photos you can also the the 0° front suspension mount and the 2° rear mount.

Top and bottom view. The chassis is very stiff. The setup and smooth operation of the dampers become very important.

A set of wheels is included. The brake disks also function as hubs. Two number plates are also there.
The servo mount is made of aluminium. The standard Yokomo servo saver is also in the box.

The battery plates are carbon of course. Three screws have to be removed to change the battery. Each part of the battery should not be longer than 70mm and not wider than 47mm.
Steering angle is bigger than on previous Yokomo drift chassis.

The D-Max is a high quality chassis. It is fun to build and all parts fitted precisely. If you want to get the performance it is capable to deliver, some time in setup should be spent. If you do not want any slipper action, you can lock the slipper and you have a very stiff and great looking 'normal steer' drift car.

A translated version of the setup instructions for the slipper is here and here.

The exploded view is here.

RaD Japan