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Welcome to R&D Japan

In this tutorial we want to show you how our shops works. If you are new to online shops, the whole process might look confusing in the beginning. We hope that this confusion ist gone after you read through this short tutorial. We will show you how easily you can navigate through the shop, search and find parts, control your shopping cart, calculate shipping costs and check out.
All photos in the tutorial can be enlarged by clicking on them.
The shop has four main parts:

  • A banner area on the top, which also displays a personal menu on the very top (when you are loged in) and the categories just under the graphics
  • A left column with the categories, search box, special pages and manufacturer's list
  • A main window in the center which shows you product lists, details of products and content of special pages
  • A right column where you can choose currency, access your shopping cart, see some banners and get additional info about our shop

Make an Account

When you set up an account, we ask you for your name, postal address, birth date and email. If you visit the shop later again, you can log in with your email and a password. The process is straightforward. Fill the form, send it and you have an account.

After you made an account the menu bar on the top changes. You have an additional menu to take control of your account.

Navigate the Shop

There are two main menus to navigate the shop. On the left side in the top box are the "Categories" and under the shop's banner are the main categories.

After you click on a category, a sub-category or list of products is shown. Some listings are longer than one page. On top and bottom of each list you can find the links to go to the next or previous page.

If you see the list of products, you can click on a product to get more information about it.
The "Categories" box also lets you access the lists of new products and special offers directly.
When you dive deeper into the menu structure of the shop, a breadcrumb navigation helps you not to lose orientation. You can click on the links to navigate to the higher leveled menus.

The Shopping Cart

You can add products at two different places to your shopping cart.
In the products list is a text field next to each product. Put in the amount you want of this part and click the "add seleced products to cart" button on top or bottom of the list. This way you can add different products with one click.

The other way to add products is in the detail view of each product. In the lower right corner is a box where you can input the amount and then click the "add this to my cart" button.
When your shopping cart is not empty anymore, you will see a new box on the right under the currency selection. This box displays the content of your cart.
Also a new menu point at the menu bar at top of the shop's banner. Clicking the "Shopping Cart" link leads you to your cart.

Here you can see a list of each product in your cart and the amount.
You can change the amount you want to buy by changing the number in the text box and clicking the refresh button (two blue arrows in a circle). Or you can remove an item by clicking on the thrash bin. The new price is calculated then.
There might be three red asterisks (***) near the amount. That means that we do not have enough on stock. Please change the amount and refresh until the asterisks are not displayed anymore.

The shopping cart lets you also estimate shipping. Just click the button and you will see how much shipping to your country costs. If you are not loged in you have to choose a country and then click the "Update" button.

Search Products

Under the "Categories" box on the left is a search box. You can input a product's name, article number or part of it and let the shop search it for you. You also have an option for an advanced search.
If you want to have a list of the products of one maker, please choose the manufacturer in the box at the bottom of the left.

Check Out

When you are done shopping you can click on the "Checkout" link on the top menu (over the shop's banner) or on the "Go to Checkout" button in your shopping cart.

Step 1 lets you choose which kind of shipping you want. You will also see your shipping address and can check if it is correctly.
After clicking the "Continue Checkout" button, step 2 is displayed. You can check/change your billing address and you will see your total. If you want, you can add a message to us.
The final step shows the summary of your order. Please check if everything is correctly. When you click "Confirm the Order" you are connected to Paypal. Please log into your Paypal-account and finish the payment.
After you finished in paypal you should receive a confirmation mail from R&D Japan.


We currently offer only Paypal as a payment method.
Their system works like this:

  1. You make or already have an paypal account
  2. You transfer money from your bank account to your paypal account
  3. When you make a payment, Paypal identifies the receiver by his/her email address
  4. Money is transfered from your paypal account to receiver's paypal account
  5. The receiver transfers the money from paypal account to bank account

Using credit cards with Paypal is also possible.
You can find more detailed information on Paypal's site.

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