Yokomo FCD Solid Axle Set Rear 1.5 (D-048)


Using this solid axle, the rear wheels spin 50% faster than the front tires. The 1.5 gear ratio is recommended for concrete and asphalt.

drift package compatible drift master compatible d-max compatible

FCD Aluminium Solid Axle 1.3/1.5
Tougher and better look.
Front One Way Unit (D-021) or Center One Way (SD-644TS)
Improve the ability to drive straight greatly when you use counter steer set-up.

Gear Grease (D-060)
Less noise, longer life of gears.
Recommended gears:
High grip surface Low grip surface
Motor Spur gear Pinion gear Spur gear Pinion gear
15.5T 70 25 70 31
13.5T 70 23 70 27
10.5T 78 19 78 25

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  • Model: D-048
  • Manufactured by: Yokomo

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