Yokomo R12

Yokomo R12

A closer look at Yokomo's new 1/12 chassis R12. While building the chassis I did not have any problem with any part; all parts fit precisely. For each step in the manual is a numerated plastic bag in the box. Making the chassis is pretty straightforward and quick.

When building the kit I recommend to use a high-quality 1.5mm allen key. There are some tools included, but building the chassis will be more fun if you use some better tools.

In this article you can move your mouse cursor into the areas marked by the blue brackets. A photo of the built part will be shown. A click on the photo will open a large image.

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You can also jump directly to some pages:
  1. Front Suspension Page 1
  2. Front Suspension Page 2
  3. Stabilizer and Power Pod
  4. Power Pod Links and Body Mount Block
  5. Dampers
  6. Damper Mount
  7. Differential and Other Parts
  8. Photos
Yokomo R12