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Front Suspension

The building starts with the front suspension; the most complicated part of the chassis.
When pressing the pivot balls into the plastic parts be sure you insert them from the bigger side and that they can move smoothly.

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Pay attention when inserting the height adjusters into the suspension blocks. The setting shown in the manual is good as a start. There is also a set of neutral (hole in the center) height adjusters included.
There are two different sets of suspension mounts (the plastic parts which covers the spring) included. One tensions the spring by 0.5mm. Look for the imprint.
A set of 0.75mm and 1mm spacers in front of and behind of the upper arm sets the caster to 5.6°. On the setting sheet at the end of the manual is a chart for the spacer/degree ratio.
You might want to smooth the surfaces of the steering block where it touches lower and upper arm with sandpaper for best function.

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